Shipping Schedule

Unfortunately, in addition to the previous delays resulting from the pandemic, the recent typhoon that hit China has only made matters worse, causing chaos in nearly every shipping port worldwide, and adding more to already existing delays.

In normal circumstances, shipping from Asia to North America would typically take two weeks. With the typhoon and all the other difficulties, shipping has gone anywhere from six to eight weeks, slowing down the whole world.

Such unforeseen events are beyond us and we can only do so much to make it easier for everyone. We are trying our best to secure shipping routes and deliver the product as soon as possible, as this situation has put the whole world on trial. There may be a further delay of two to three weeks, but we assure you we are doing everything within our capacity to speed up the process and reduce the impact of these unexpected developments.

We will continue to update you on any changes that take place and we’ll keep you informed.

Most recent estimated delivery times: updated November 9

- Blade 2 (2nd batch): late November

- City MD: early November (shipping)

- Libertyearly November (shipping)

- Rize X (2nd batch): early November (shipping)

- Secondary battery 48v and 52v (2nd batch): December

Thank you for your support. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we sincerely appreciate your patience. 

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