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eBike Weight: How Weight Can Affect Ebike Performance

eBike Weight: How Weight Can Affect Ebike Performance

eBike Weight: How Weight Can Affect Ebike Performance

There are many types of electric bikes on the market, but they all share one thing: the ebike weight itself or the rider impacts the ebike performance. 

The more weight you have on your bike, the harder it works to perform well.

To find out more about how the bike's weight affects ebike performance and which methods work best for getting rid of extra pounds from your bike, read on!

Two Ways Weight Can Affect Performance

Ebike Weight

The Ebike Itself

The weight of your ebike is one factor that can make a big difference in how fast and efficient an ebike is. When accelerating, the amount of air pressure within the tires, and when going up hills will all affect your ebike performance.

When riding on flat terrain, you only need to worry about when accelerating. Afterwards, the motor can keep a steady pace to keep you going. 

However, the effort from the motor when going uphill will be constant, especially if there is more weight on the bike. This is where a motor of 500w to 1000w will be most useful. 

Air pressure within your ebike tires can greatly affect the performance as tires not inflated properly will have an increased surface area when riding and won’t allow the bike to coast efficiently.

Ebike Accessories

Lastly, if you have a ton of ebike accessories such as cargo bags attached to your bike, the extra weight can have the electric motor working harder. 

The harder your motor works, the more your battery will be drained. One way to mitigate that is to have a secondary battery or to pedal more and lay off the throttle, which can preserve your battery. 

Thankfully, our 2023 models have the advantage of adding a secondary battery to extend your trip, allowing you to tackle the toughest terrain. Bikes such as our foldable ebikemid drive ebike, or retro ebike all applies to this secondary battery pack.

The best way to reduce the weight of your ebike is by removing any unnecessary weight from the frame and body. Rear racks, fenders, and cargo bags could cut down on weight significantly if removed! 

We’ve made all of these components removable on our available models, allowing you to ride how you want.

The Rider

As each rider is different, so are ebikes. Keep in mind the motor size of each bike as well as the recommended weight capacity. 

This is not only for performance but for comfort as well. Riders who are heavier may want to opt for electric bikes with a 500w motor or more to get the best performance out of their ride. 

This can dramatically help when tackling terrain and going up hills. There are also different types of ebike frames to choose from to determine which bike is right for you.

heavy Ebike

For example, if you’re looking for a bike that will help you get around town quickly, consider purchasing an electric bike with a lighter frame such as our 34lbs Fixie model. 

The Fixie has thin tires which will make it easier for you to maneuver around obstacles and performs best on flat terrain.

If however, you want something that can handle rougher terrain then opting for one with larger wheels might be best, such as our more rugged 73lbs fat tire Rize X model.

Across our line of ebikes, we’ve chosen the best hardware to keep weight down while also allowing the option to add accessories and to double your range just in case you need to haul additional cargo.

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