Electric Bike Buyer's Guide 2023

Choosing an electric bike doesn't need to be a confusing process. Whether you're looking for a commuterfoldableroadmid-drive, retro, or fat bike, we'll have the perfect bike tailored to your needs. In this buyer's guide, we've included commonly used eBike jargon, how to choose an eBike, why Rize bikes, types of electric bikes, and frequently asked questions, but feel free to contact us should you have any questions.

eBike Jargon

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Choosing an electric bike can be tricky when eBike jargon such as watts, torque, or even types of sensors are mentioned. We'll cover the most commonly used electric bike jargon and why you should care. Whether you are looking for a bike to commute or take on a trail, understanding the jargon will help you make the most informed purchasing decision.

Hub Motor

The hub motor is an electric motor that is incorporated into the hub of the wheel and is most commonly placed on the rear wheel.

Mid-Drive Motor

The mid-drive motor is an electric motor that is incorporated into the frame that offers increased torque to tackle serious hills.


Torque measures the rotational power of the motor in Newton-meters (Nm). Higher the number, the easier it is to climb hills.


Watts (w) measures the power of an eBike motor. Higher the number, the more power you have at your disposal.


Voltage by definition is what makes electric charges move. Think of voltage as the pressure at which energy flows.

Watt Hours

Watt hours (Wh) is the measurement of the energy capacity of a battery. Higher the number, the more range you can expect from your eBike.

Pedal Assist

Pedal assist activates the motor as you start pedalling. Different levels can be set to get more or less assist as you pedal.

Torque Sensor

Torque sensors measure the amount of force being applied to the pedal and offers a more responsive ride.

Cadence Sensor

Cadence sensors detect if you are pedalling and send the appropriate power based on your settings. 

How to choose an Electric Bike

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Electric bikes have exploded in popularity over the years and with so many options, there is certainly a lot of confusion behind what to look for. Although eBikes have continuously evolved the past couple years, the key fundamental components and features to look for have not changed.


The frame is by far the most important component on a bike as it is where all other components are fitted. Rest assured, all eBikes at Rize come standard with our custom 6061 aluminum frame making it highly resistant to corrosion and stress. 


The electric motor is what powers your ride. There are 2 different types of motors available - a rear hub drive and a mid-drive motor. A rear hub drive is perfect for all around riding whereas a mid-drive motor will be sought after by riders looking to tackle serious hills.


The battery is often overlooked by first time buyers, but it is arguably one of the most important components. At Rize, we fit all of our bikes with premium batteries that offer unsurpassed reliability, longevity, and durability.


Whether you need your ebike for commuting or going on extended rides, range will be an important factor to consider when choosing an electric bike. Should you need more range, an optional secondary battery can be added.


Do you plan on tackling steep inclines? Or perhaps you're looking to commute on flat terrain. There are 4 different options designed for various terrain and use cases: torque, cadence, speed & cadence, and speed & torque. 

Top Speed

Whether you need to keep up with traffic during your commute or to simply keep up with your super fit friend, top speed is an important factor. Rize bikes allow riders to unlock the top speed to reach up to 50km/h on select models.

Why Rize Bikes

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With so many eBike companies popping up throughout North America, it may be confusing or downright impossible to choose which one. What sets us apart is that here at Rize Bikes, we always put our customers first. But of course, we spend countless hours in designing, engineering, and manufacturing high quality ebikes for our customers. Here are couple reasons why our customers choose Rize Bikes.

Premium Build Quality

We take pride in having rigorous quality control processes to offer a 95% built bike out of the box with unmatched build quality.

Quality Motor

Bafang, one of the industry leading global manufacturers of edrive systems, is our motor of choice on our bikes. 

Premium Battery

Samsung batteries are fitted on our eBikes and offer unsurpassed durability, reliability, and longevity needed to power eBikes.

Configurable Top Speed

Have the freedom to unlock your top speed to experience the full power of the motor. Simply adjust the top speed in the settings.

Best in Class Range

Rize bikes offer the best in class range. For riders looking to go on extended rides, add an optional secondary battery to double the range.

12-Month Warranty

We stand behind our products. Should anything go wrong, we have in-house warranty technicians to help get things back to normal.

Types of Electric Bikes

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At Rize Bikes, we offer 6 different styles of eBikes. Whether you are looking for a bike to commute, take on a beach, or tackle your local mountain, we have everything in between tailored to your needs. However, do note these are only guidelines. We have many customers, and even staff, who love the look of retro bikes and use it to commute! 

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Commuter Bikes

A commuter bike is designed for riders looking to get an all around bike. Whether it be your commute to work, getting groceries, or heading to your local coffee shop, a commuter style bike will get you there in comfort.

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Fat Bikes

Fat bikes are fitted with wider tires that allow riders to comfortably tackle any type of terrain. Over the years, they have gained in popularity due to riders looking for bikes that can handle mud, snow, sand, and bumpy terrain. 

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Bolt X

Folding Bikes

The name says it all! Folding bikes allow riders to fold the frame for easy storage and transport. Gone are the days where you have to load your bike on the roof of your car or hitch rack. Simply fold the frame and put it in your trunk!

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RX Pro

Mid-Drive Bikes

Mid-Drive bikes offer the torque needed to tackle serious inclines. Whether it be going on an off-road adventure or up your local mountain, mid-drive ebikes will offer a mind-blowing amount of torque to conquer all types of terrain.

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Blade 2

Retro Bikes

Retro or moped-style bikes have become increasingly popular the last couple of years. It is perfect for riders looking for a unique and capable bike on and off the road thanks to the fat tires paired with our retro lineup.

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Fixie 19

Road Bikes

Road bikes are perfect for riders looking to get extreme range, a lightweight design, and slick road tires. Our Fixie model is paired with a belt drive that offers buttery smooth operation and a virtually maintenance-free drivetrain.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Electric Bike?

An electric bike, at first glance, looks identical to a traditional bike. The main difference is the electric motor that can be powered by pedal assist or with the use of a throttle.

What is a rear hub motor?

A rear hub motor on eBikes is generally placed on the rear wheel hub and propels the bike forward.

What is a mid-drive motor?

A mid-drive motor is integrated into the frame and offers increased torque as it is directly connected to the drivetrain. It is generally paired with mountain or off-road bikes that allow riders to tackle serious hills.

What is the range?

Range is the maximum distance an electric bike can travel on a single charge.

Throttle vs Pedal Assist?

The main difference is whether or not the rider needs to pedal to power the eBike. A throttle allows riders to simply push a lever to power the bike, while pedal assist requires the rider to pedal to activate the motor.

What is a torque sensor?

A torque sensor measures the amount of force being applied to the pedals. The harder you pedal, the more power you will receive from the motor. 

What is a cadence sensor?

A cadence sensor detects if you are pedalling and sends the appropriate power amount of power from the motor based on your assist level settings.

What kind of batteries are used?

Premium Samsung 21700 50E Cell batteries are used on most Rize bikes models.

What is a secondary battery?

A secondary battery allows riders to double the range. All bikes except the Fixie and Bolt come with integrated ports that allow easy installation of the secondary battery onto the frame.

What is the warranty on electric bikes?

All of our eBikes come standard with a 12-month warranty.

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