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Rize Bikes Meets the CBSA's Requirement for E-Bike Battery Certification

Rize Bikes Meets the CBSA's Requirement for E-Bike Battery Certification

On March 6, 2023, at least seven people were injured in a fire in New York that local officials believe was caused by a lithium-ion battery in New York. An e-Bike's battery was to blame for the fire that destroyed the building.

News like this may make our customers wary and think twice before buying electric bikes.

This is why our team at Rize Bikes wanted to write this article to shed more light on how all our ebikes do indeed meet the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) E-Bike Battery Certifications.

Today, we will go over how the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) certification plays a role in our e-bikes, and how our Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) meets their requirements to ensure customer safety.

Our electric bikes, such as the foldable ebike and retro ebike, are some of the best models you can find. After reading this article, our hope is that we can help you shop ebikes with confidence!

Why Do The CBSA Regulate E-Bike Batteries?

CBSA stands for The Canadian Border Services Agency. They are responsible for overseeing the import and export of goods that come into Canada on a daily basis. This includes e-bikes and their batteries.

To make sure that the ebikes and battery products meet safety standards, the CBSA is required to check that e-bike batteries are certified before they can even be imported or exported in the first place.

You would be happy to know that all our ebike batteries come with a certification known as the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) certification.

This form of certification shows that the battery has been tested and meets specific safety standards, including those related to the transport of hazardous materials.

Without this certification, we would not even think of selling these products to our valued customers.

Also, no couriers would risk transporting ebikes to you if they are not admissible by CBSA.

What is an MSDS, and Why Does it Matter for E-Bikes?

An MSDS, also known as the Material Safety Data Sheets, is a document that contains information about the physical and chemical properties of a substance.

For e-bikes, MSDS sheets are used to provide battery information about the battery and other components of the bike that contain hazardous materials.

MSDS sheets are important for e-bikes because they help ensure the safe handling and use of these vehicles.

You may not know this but all e-bike batteries contain lithium-ion. This is a highly reactive substance that can catch fire if mishandled. Damage can occur during transportation, for example.

The MSDS sheet for an e-bike battery provides information about the proper handling and disposal of the battery, as well as safety precautions that we should be take in order to prevent any injury.

You can see how this form of battery can be highly dangerous if it does not pass a specific set of safety inspections.

There is nothing to worry about in this aspect for all Rize Bikes models. This is because we have a guaranteed certification for all our e-bikes!

Best Practices for Storing Your E-Bike

To ensure that you use ebikes in a safe manner, it's important to follow some best practices for storing and handling e-bike components.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Always keep your e-parts bike's cool, dry, and away of direct sunlight.
  • Keep e-bike parts away from high or low humidity levels.
  • To prevent damage or punctures that could release dangerous contents, handle e-bike components carefully. Do things such as checking your bike tire pressure, lube the bike chain, and clean your electric bike on a regular basis.
  • Pay attention to the precise safety instructions provided on the MSDS document for each e-bike component.
  • Using the guidelines on the MSDS sheet, appropriately dispose of the parts of your e-bike.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Electric Bike

When deciding on an electric bike, you might be stuck on which brand or model to pick due to the many options in the market.

Price should always be a consideration. However, it should not be your main factor in choosing a specific bike.

Would you rather spend $1000 on a cheap commuter ebike which requires tons of maintenance costs? Or spend a little more to get a quality commuter ebike which can be your reliable bike for years to come?

At Rize Bikes, all our bikes are made with quality materials. You can tell this is true when you feel the weight and durability of our ebikes.

This is one of the many reasons why we have so many happy customers!

These are all included when you decide to get an ebike such as our commuter ebike:

  • Battery with 2 Keys
  • Battery Charger 3.0A
  • Front and Rear Lights
  • Mudguards (Fenders) Front and Rear
  • Mini Tool Kit
  • Rear Rack
  • Kickstand
  • Bell
  • Bottle Holder

Final Thoughts on Rize Bike’s Battery Certifications

It is our duty at Rize Bikes to understand the CBSA's requirements for e-bike battery certifications.

We want to ensure that our customers are protected at all times. Our team members all play their part to ensure this is true at all times.

If our batteries have no certifications, we do not sell them to you. Simple as that.

Have you been thinking of buying an ebike of your own? Check out our selection of electric bikes at our store today. We even have the option for you to test ride our bikes if you live in the Vancouver area in Canada.

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