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Why Adjusting Your Seat Could Result in a Better Ride

Why Adjusting Your Seat Could Result in a Better Ride

Why Adjusting Your Seat 

Could Result in a Better Ride

Do you know what's a bummer? Getting to the end of your bike ride and feeling like you just ran a marathon. 

Or maybe it's not all the way at the end—maybe it's when you're just starting out, or maybe it's somewhere in the middle. 

You may find yourself just pedaling along and suddenly, out of nowhere, your back starts to ache, and before you know it your legs are burning like they've been set on fire.

What happened? It could be your seat.

Bike seats (or bike saddles) are one of the most important parts of any bike. They help you keep your balance while riding and make sure you're comfortable while doing so. 

If you find that your seat is too high or low, or if it's not positioned correctly for your body, it could lead to discomfort or injury.

Pain Points

The problem with a lot of seats (or saddles) is that they don't fit right on your body and will have to be adjusted based on your height. 

Knee pain is a common type of pain if your seat isn’t adjusted properly, but there are other types of pain associated with improper bike riding. 

 There’s no bike fit that’s a “one size fits all” style. They might not be high enough, or low enough; they might be too far forward or backward; they might be too wide or too narrow.

All of these things can make riding uncomfortable or even painful for some people and the last thing you want to do is need pain medications just for bike riding.

Whether you're just starting out on a bike, or you've been riding for years and are looking to improve your technique, adjusting your seat can help to reduce pain and have bike riding what it should be, enjoyable!

Seat Adjustments

Adjusting Your Bike Seat

Adjusting your seat position can improve your ride. Even having a comfortable bike seat alone is not enough to be in an effective riding position. 

Making those adjustments can help your back, relieve pain and pressure in your knees or around your knee joint, and even help you perform better by providing a full pedal stroke. Here are some ways that you can make your adjustment:

1) Ensure you have the correct saddle height—not too high and not too low. A great way for immediate pain relief is to have the seat at the right height. 

To check this, stand next to your bike and note where your hips are. If you're sitting too high, it can put a strain on your lower back and make it difficult to pedal efficiently, becoming unstable, and could be reaching too far to pedal.

Use a hex key tool or use the seat post lever to adjust your seat to be just below your hip line. 

If the seat is too low, your legs will be bent at an awkward angle when pedaling—not giving you the full range of motion needed for efficient pedaling and you’ll actually lose power from your legs. This is especially noticeable on road bikes.

2) Make sure it's far enough back so that your leg is completely straight (about an inch behind where it bends at the knee). 

It’s not just that your heel is on the pedal, but to ensure your heel is still touching the bottom of the pedal while your leg is more extended.

3) The ideal position for efficiency and comfort is one that allows for the full extension of the knee when pedaling. 

You can also adjust your handlebars (if able) to sit up more straight or to allow for more of a leg extension if your seat is not adjustable. This will depend on the style of bike you’re riding.

Bike Accessories to Make Riding Even Better

Bike Seat Accessories

After making those adjustments, it doesn’t stop there. There are a few accessories that you can get to make riding even more comfortable.

Suspension seat posts can help dampen the bumps as you ride to create a smoother and more enjoyable bike ride. We carry them in two different sizes; a 27.2mm seat post as well as a 31.6mm seat post that will help improve comfort and performance as you ride.

A larger saddle can provide additional comfort, especially for longer and more extensive bike rides where you’ll be sitting down for a while. Our Coil Spring Cushion Seat provides a more dense saddle, coupled with gel padding to help you stay comfortable on long rides.

Just another reason to go with Rize Bikes is that we care about comfort. Most of our bikes come with coiled bike seats to keep riders going further. 

For the models that do not have coiled seats such as the Liberty, we’ve gone ahead and padded those saddles to be thicker to cushion the rider.

We also have many other types of ebikes including our foldable ebikemid drive ebike, and retro ebike. All great options!

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