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Why Are e Bikes So Expensive?

Why Are e Bikes So Expensive?

Why Are e Bikes So Expensive?

Why Are e Bikes So Expensive? This is a question that has been getting asked alot - especially with the increasing popularity for ebikes in Canada.

e Bikes Canada products are essentially regular bikes with a battery-powered motor. This helps you pedal without the use of your own legs. 

It can really come in handy when you plan on cycling uphill or through hard terrains. You will also be less tired when you cycle long distances. Models such as our mid drive ebike, ebike road, or even liberty bicycles will work just fine for this purpose.

With all these benefits, it is clear to see why e-bikes are much more expensive compared to regular bicycles.

If you want convenience, you have to be willing to pay the premium for them.

5 Reasons Why e Bikes Are So Costly

There are many reasons why ebikes are so costly. Let’s go over 5 reasons why right now!

1 - Motor Size

The motor that comes with the ebike is mainly the reason these bikes are so expensive. We can do a similar comparison between gas cars and electric cars. 

One is more expensive than the other to buy. However, the cost to charge electric cars is much cheaper compared to pumping gas all the time. 

You also have the option to charge your electric car in the comforts of your own home which is always nice. 

In the same way, electric bikes are more expensive because it is more convenient. You won’t ever have to be tired if you don’t feel like pedalling your bike.

Anyway, for ebike motors, they are all customized to fit the exact bike model that you have. Knowing how to do this craft takes experience. So naturally, the cost of this is passed down to customers.

2 - Battery

The second reason why ebikes are expensive is due to its battery. 

The battery is usually made out of lithium-ion. It typically cost anywhere from $500-$1000 depending how whether the batteries are custom-made.

Without the battery, the motor in the ebike cannot run. If the motor cannot run, an ebike is essentially just a regular bike! This is why you should consider getting an ebike battery cover in order to protect your equipment.

3 - Supply and Demand

The first e-bikes came into existence around the 1990s. However, it is still considered a relatively new product.

Not many people own an ebike. But it is safe to say that the majority of Canadians have ridden or currently own a regular bike during their lifetime.

Due to less people knowing about ebikes, it cannot be produced by bulk. This is not the case for regular bikes where factories produce thousands at a time because they know it will sell.

With less demand for ebikes, the cost per product will naturally be more expensive.

4 - Fewer Manufacturers

Since ebikes are still considered a relatively new product, there are not many manufacturers that are producing them in bulk.

With fewer manufacturers, this means they can demand a higher price for their product simply because it is not easily accessible compared to regular bikes.

When it comes to a point where there are more manufacturers competing for customers, the price per ebike may start to go down.

5 - eBike Parts Are Expensive

eBikes have certain components that can be costly to fix.

For example, replacing the bike battery can be upwards of $1000. This is something you cannot cheap out on. 

Similar to driving an electric car, you cannot cheap out on the car battery when it is time for a replacement. 

It can also be a life-or-death scenario if you are not maintaining your ebike or electric car on a regular basis.

Read this article on ways you can use your ebike to create more income! This may make buying an ebike more cost-effective.


Are expensive e-bikes worth it? 

This will depend on how much budget you have in mind for an ebike. If you do not have a lot of bike, then an expensive ebike will not be worth it. However, if you have the extra funds, it will make your ebike riding experience a whole lot better.

Is it worth getting an electric bike? 

Yes! Getting an ebike will help you especially if you need to go uphill. You can also go faster and longer without getting tired.

How much should I pay for an ebike? 

It really depends on the brand and model you buy. For example, our ebikes at Rize can range anywhere from the mid $1000 range to over $3000 per ebike.

What are the disadvantages of eBikes?

Disadvantages include the cost. That’s pretty much the only downsides to getting an ebike!

Final Thoughts on Why Are e-Bikes So Expensive

You have now learned 5 reasons why e-bikes can be expensive in today’s market. Factors such as the quality of the bike itself, the motor, and the battery will definitely affect the price range of these bikes as well.

However, even though they do cost more than regular bikes, the benefits of having an ebike do justify its high price.

At the end of the day, an ebike is not for everyone. But for the right person, it can definitely be life-changing.

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