Our e-bikes are built using durable frames and quality parts supplied by solid brands. Each e-bike comes with a 12-month warranty against defects from the manufacturer. 

What is out-of-the-box defect policy?

Our out-of-the-box defect policy is our guarantee that you will receive a working and functional bike. If in the unfortunate event your bike is damaged or not functioning we will cover the costs associated with the repairs to get your bike operational. 

Claims for out-of-the-box defects must be reported within 2 weeks of receiving the bike and with no more than 5 Kilometers (3 Mile) distance of use. We may require supporting evidence such as photos or videos, showing the odometer of the bike.

Any out-of-the-box defects claimed after stated time or distance will not be subject to the out-of-the-box defects. However, this does not affect the validity of the 12-month warranty.

*We only cover costs of repairs performed in shops or by mechanics approved by Rize Bikes. Any repairs performed elsewhere will not be covered.

What does the 12 month warranty include?

The 12 month warranty is different from the out-of-the-box defects. The 12 months start from the date you receive your bike, not the date of purchase. The warranty covers any electrical defects of the bike that may occur from normal use. If an electrical component stops working or does not perform as expected, we will work with you to repair or replace the faulty part. This also covers the costs of shipping and handling.

Rize Bikes only covers work or services done at bike repair shops it authorizes. Work done at bike repair shops that are not authorized by Rize Bikes will not be covered.

If our warranty team determines that the defect is due to misuse, or negligence of the rider/owner, the part will not be covered by the warranty.

How easy is a Rize Bike to repair?

Our bikes are designed so that they are easy to maintain and repair. All the information about trouble-shooting is available in documentation and video format. If you need our assistance we will be more than happy to help in any way possible.

Please note, any mechanical parts require regular tune-ups and servicing. Keeping a steady maintenance routine for your bike will improve reliability and operation of your bike.

What are the electrical components?

  - LCD screen & button pad

  - Throttle

  - Brake Inhibitors

  - Main Cable Wire

  - Controller

  - Pedal Assist Sensor

  - Speed Sensor

  - Motor

  - Battery & Battery Cradle

  - Front and Rear Lights

What is not covered by warranty?

  - Mechanical components include but are not limited to: brake system, suspension systems, seat, rack, wheels and rims

  - Normal wear and tear through general usage

  - Corrosion or damage due to improper storage

  - Damage resulting from improper assembly of the bike

  - Damage or failure as a result of abuse, neglect, lack of maintenance, misuse, or accidents

  - Damage resulting from improper charging of the battery or use of any charger not supplied by Rize Bikes

  - Cosmetic damage due to usage

What voids Rize Bikes warranty?

The installation of any electrical components not originally supplied by Rize Bikes. In some cases, installation of mechanical components not supplied by Rize Bikes may cause damage to electrical components. If this was the case, warranty will not cover the damage.

How to start a warranty claim?

Initially, we encourage you to check our knowledge base for the most frequently asked questions and answers, as you will most likely find the solution to your problem there.

In case you couldn’t find what you were searching for, make sure to include the following in your email:

  - Name of the registered owner

  - Order number

  - Model of bike

  - Detailed description of your complaint (include brief description of the situation before the problem was noticed)

  - Send photos and videos to further clarify the problem. Use www.streamable.com/upload-video to share videos

  - Email the information to support@rizebikes.com

What is the warranty claim timeline?

We’ve recently seen a steady growth in customer demand, exceeding all our expectations. Due to this, it may take a little longer to get back to you, two or three business days at most. Our customer support team is doing its best to cope with the unexpected changes, without compromising our quality standards. We highly appreciate your patience.

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