Suspension Seat Post (31.6mm)

$145 CAD

Discover the Suspension Seat Post (31.6mm) by SR Suntour, designed for ultimate riding comfort and performance. This hydraulic suspension seat post is engineered to provide smoothness across all terrains, making every journey more enjoyable.

Key Features:

  • Length: 300mm, perfect for riders seeking a comfortable and adjustable seat height.
  • Diameter: Precisely 31.6mm, designed to fit a wide range of bikes.
  • Travel: Offers 50mm of travel, providing significant cushioning and shock absorption.
  • System: Features a brass bushing parallelogram system for smooth and reliable suspension movement.
  • Suspension: Equipped with an internal coil and preload adjust, allowing for personalized suspension settings.
  • Material: Made from high-quality alloy for durability and strength.
  • Use: Ideal for all road-sport and MTB enthusiasts looking for an upgrade in comfort and performance.


    • Seat not included. This purchase is for the seat post only.
    • Height adjustment. Installing the suspension seat post will raise the minimum seat height by 4 inches.
    • Compatibility. Not compatible with 2020 models and the Bolt and Bolt X series.

    For a seat post compatible with 2020 models and the Bolt and Bolt X Series, click here.