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10 Tips on Increasing Ebike Battery Life

10 Tips on Increasing Ebike Battery Life

10 Tips on Increasing Ebike Battery Life

The importance of having an efficient and well-maintained battery will make a difference between having a great experience riding long distance on a beautiful coastal trail or having the worst nightmare climbing a steep hill without any power assist. 

For that reason, we would like provide a framework on how to maintain your batteries in order to feel safe while riding and avoiding replacing an expensive battery. 

1) Fully charge it before riding it. 

We know it is very tempting to ride the bike as soon as you receive it. However, for optimal battery efficiency, it is strongly recommended that you charge the battery fully before first time use. 

If you're someone who loves wants calories burned while mountain biking, fully charging your ebike is even more important because you don't want to get stuck up a hill somewhere!

2) Avoid reaching 0%. 

Going the extra mile? No problem, but make sure you use regular cycle mode without the power assist if the battery is at a very low percentage. Continuously flattening the battery will negatively impact the battery cells in the long term. 

For that reason, we recommend to avoid using the battery once it reaches 10% of its life, accounting for a 5-10% variance in the battery % readings. 

3) When fully charged, unplug it.

Yes, many ebike manufacturers have made the charger inactive once the battery is fully charged as is the case with Rize Bikes. 

However, it is still recommended to take an extra measure if possible to unplug it when fully charged (charger light turns green) in case there is a problem with either the charger or input fuse of the battery. 

4) Charge and store your battery at room temperature.

If you live on the East Coast, extreme cold winters are very common. If you live on the West Coast, a very hot summer day is also very common. The temperature outside can have a strong effect on the performance of the battery. 

We definitely recommend to charge and store your battery at room temperature.  

5) Cool it off for 30 minutes after riding. 

For the longevity and health of the battery, we recommend to hold off the charging process until it is cooled off for 30 minutes after going on a bike ride. 

This helps the battery in stabilizing itself and reaching a state of equilibrium since it was in a state of discharge. After 30 minutes, you may proceed with charging your battery. 

6)Clean it properly and avoid submerging it in water. 

You may clean the battery of electric bikes with a damp cloth but do not submerge in water. You may also use an electrical contact cleaner for a more thorough cleaning process.

7) Remove the battery from your ebike before travelling. 

During transportation, it is very important to ensure that the battery is safe for you, the passengers, and other drivers on the road. 

For that reason, it is recommended to remove the battery from the ebike, wrap it with a cloth or some material that protects it, and place it under the seat or somewhere stationary. This will ensure that there will be limited movement while travelling in case you need to brake suddenly while on the road. 

People who travel a lot may want to consider our folding electric bike Canada model. It is very convenient due to its size.

8) Do not tamper with your ebike battery.

Contact your dealer or manufacturer if there is anything wrong with the battery. 

Avoid tampering the battery since it contains hazardous material. The dealer or manufacturer will instruct you on how to handle it based on each scenario. 

9) If damaged, avoid using it. 

If the battery has been badly dropped, punctured, crashed, or damaged in anyway, avoid using it at all costs. It may look alright but internal damage can cause the battery cells to contact each other, overheat, and ignite. 

Contact your dealer or manufacturer immediately and inform them of the damages before proceeding with using it. 

10) Keep your battery between 50-80% charge when not using it for an extended period of time. 

If for whatever reason your not able to ride the bike, it is recommended to keep the charge between 50-80% rather than 0% or 100%. This has been proven to be the most optimal range for storing your battery. 

If you follow the recommended tips above, a battery can last a long time, typically 5 years or more. 

The heart of the ebike is the battery and for majority of ebike manufacturers, the battery is the most expensive component of the bike. If you take care of it on and off the bike, it will surely take care of you too. Be safe and enjoy riding!

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Here are some frequently asked questions about eBike Battery Charging that our customers at Rize Bikes often wonder about.

Should I charge my eBike battery after every ride? 

It's not necessary to charge your eBike battery after every ride, but it's best to recharge it before it's completely depleted.

How should I charge my eBike battery?

Charge your eBike battery using the manufacturer's recommended charger and always use a surge protector.

What percentage should I charge my eBike battery?

Charge your eBike battery to 80% for daily use and 100% for longer rides or trips.

How do I know if my eBike battery is charging?

Your eBike battery should display a charging indicator light when it's plugged in and charging.

How often should you charge an ebike battery?

Charge your eBike battery once every two weeks, even if you're not using it regularly.

How do I make my ebike battery last longer?

To make your eBike battery last longer, avoid leaving it in extreme temperatures and charge it before it reaches a low battery level.

Is it OK to partially charge ebike battery?

Partially charging your eBike battery is fine, but avoid frequent deep discharges.

How do I keep my ebike battery healthy?

Keep your eBike battery healthy by storing it in a cool, dry place, avoiding extreme temperatures, and regularly cleaning the contacts.

Anyway, if you live in the Greater Vancouver area in Canada, we do offer test rides on all our bikes. This helps you be confident in your purchase and we would also be able to answer any questions you might have. So, come to our richmond e bike store to try them out!

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