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Is E-bike riding cheating?

Is E-bike riding cheating?

Does Riding An Electric Bike Count As Exercise?

Is E-bike riding considered cheating? Is it even a "real" workout?

There are always critics to any new rising phenomenon and rest be assured there will be critics even with riding electric bikes. Why you may ask? Well here are some common questions that critics will express: 

1. Isn’t the point of cycling to exercise? 

2. Isn’t it dangerous? 

3. Why is it so expensive? 

4. Wouldn’t it better off to ride a moped or scooter? 

5. Do you believe you’ll even use it often? 

Let us walk you through this question about ebikes in more detail below!


The Great Debate For Exercising with eBikes

Yes, cycling is definitely a physical activity that helps you stay in shape. However, not everything in life is a competition. 

You can socialize, do your regular chores such as grocery shopping or dropping off mail, and you can transport to and from work. Plus, it is a great exercise and its so much fun. 

Like any mode of transportation, there are always risks associated with being on the road. 

However, the maximum speed for most electric bikes are set at 32km per hour, which is fairly reasonable compared to a moped or scooter which can go up to 2-3 times that limit (50-80km+). You can read more about this on our ebike vs electric scooter article.

Although E-bikes are fairly more pricey than an average bicycle, it is intended to give you a longer and easy ride. 

The ebike battery is the most expensive component of the bike for most manufacturers, but on average you can expect to have a 1 year warranty and a 5 year life expectancy if taken care of properly. 

That being said, you can expect at least 35,000 km of awesome riding without breaking a sweat since most batteries have 700-800 charging cycles.

In most cities, riding an electric bike is legal on the road and on the bike lanes. That being said, it is not required to have a driver license or insurance, which can have significant cost savings. 

As for riding a moped or scooter, you will need a license and insurance and you are not allowed to be on bike lanes. Likewise, riding on trails using a model like the fat tire electric bike, making you feel more close to nature is only possible with an electric bike. 

Lastly, studies have shown that electric bike riders ride more often and for longer than conventional bikers. 

On average, regular cyclists ride 5.3km versus 8km for an E-bike rider. 

It is more fun and exciting to be on an electric bike and for that reason you end up doing it more often. It definitely gives an edge to anyone whose looking for a modern look and thrilling experience.    


What are the disadvantages of e-bikes? 

Some disadvantages of e-bikes include a higher price point compared to traditional bikes, limited range depending on battery life, and the need for a charging infrastructure. 

Additionally, e-bikes may require more maintenance and repairs due to the electric components.

What are two pros and two cons of e-bikes? 

Two pros of e-bikes are that they provide a convenient and eco-friendly mode of transportation, and the electric assist can make cycling more accessible for people who may not be able to ride a traditional bike. 

Two cons of e-bikes are that they can be expensive and may require specialized maintenance and repairs.

Are e-bikes too heavy to pedal?

E-bikes can be heavier than traditional bikes due to the additional weight of the battery and electric components, but the weight can vary depending on the type and model of the e-bike. 

However, the electric assist makes it easier to pedal the bike, so the weight may not be as noticeable while riding.

Final Thoughts on Does Riding An Electric Bike Count As Exercise?

You have now learned a little more about "Does Riding An Electric Bike Count As Exercise?"

The debate around whether riding an electric bike counts as exercise has been a hot topic among fitness enthusiasts. 

While some argue that e-bikes provide a low-impact form of exercise that can still improve cardiovascular health, others believe that the electric assist takes away from the physical exertion required for a true workout. 

In any case, don't let anyone tell you that ebiking does not count as working out. If using an ebike will help push you to do more outdoor activities, by all means, our team at Rize Bikes says to go for it! 


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