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What Are The Benefits Of Riding An Electric Bicycle?

What Are The Benefits Of Riding An Electric Bicycle?

What Are The Benefits Of Riding An Electric Bicycle?

What Are The Benefits Of Riding An Electric Bicycle? If you've never ridden an electric bicycle, it's hard to overstate the benefits.

From their renewable energy source -- batteries! -- and the fact that you can zoom down the street, keep up with traffic and climb a big hill with an electric fat bike without even breaking a sweat, electric bikes are great when it comes to personal transportation.

And the best part is that even if you're not pedalling, the physical activity of keeping the bike balanced and under control is good for your physical fitness and health. There are many benefits to riding an ebike!

Also called e-bikes, power bikes and booster bikes, among others, an ebike Canada product represents the next big revolution of green transportation in the country.

Using no fossil fuels and instead relying on compact batteries that can be charged anywhere there's an outlet, electric bicycles make bicycling a viable mode of transportation for the rest of us that aren't A-grade athletes or that just want to avoid showing up at our destinations drenched in sweat from a morning bike ride.

And with ever-smaller, next-generation batteries and motors, electric bikes such as our liberty bicycles are getting faster and are able to run longer than you ever thought possible, making them a viable alternative to a small moped or motorcycle that guzzles gas for a living.

Capable of achieving speeds of up to 20 and 30 mph, e-bikes can also be pedalled when they run out of juice or when you're feeling it, which is more than we can say for most gas-powered bikes.

So without further ado, let's take a look at several benefits of riding an electric bicycle that you might not have thought of.

For Commuters

If you commute to work, either for fitness or for environmentally friendly reasons, an e-bike can still give you a workout when you want it while also giving you the ability to have a relaxing cruise around town when you don't.

You'll still be using your core and other muscles to help balance and navigate the bike, but you can ditch the hard cardio workout when the battery and motor does all the heavy lifting for you. Instead of arriving sweaty and in need of a shower, an electric bike lets you save your energy during your trip so that you can arrive refreshed and ready for the day.

Electric bicycles are also much easier to park, so when you do arrive you won't have to look for parking or pay for an overpriced spot that eats into your daily budget. Just lock up your bike at the closest bike rack or pole and you'll be on your way.

Better yet, if you have a foldable ebike, fold it up and take it with you inside for storage in a corner or wherever else you'd like to keep your bike for the day.

Traffic's also a cinch when you have an electric bike, as you can easily ride by stopped cars on the road while you zoom towards your destination. For those that rely on public transportation, an electric bicycle can be a great complement, and can get you from home to the bus stop and back again much easier than with a pedal bike. And in an urban area, an e-bike is likely faster than rideshare or the bus, especially for short trips around town because you won't spend any time waiting for your ride or in traffic.

Last but not least, the refreshing air is a great way to start the day, and it beats the boring lull of a car ride both before and after work.

For Health

While the electric motor does most of the work, an electric bicycle is not a passive means of transportation. You're moving the handlebars, maneuvering the bike and keeping a lookout -- all while riding your electric bike.

Even if you're worried about sweat on the way to work, you can open up the pedals and get a quick workout in on the way home where the shower is waiting.

If you've had enough halfway through, let the motor pick up the slack and get you home. It's all possible with an electric bike.

For those who are having a hard time sticking to an exercise regimen, an electric bicycle gives you transportation and fitness in one tool, so you can work out when you're feeling it and sit back and enjoy the wind in your face when your workout's over.

It's not a pedal bike that will sit in your garage or closet until that one day you've decided to go for a ride.

By riding every day, an electric bike gives you a daily opportunity to get a workout in without even thinking about it, and that's great for those that rarely feel like a workout. You could still have calories burned mountain biking!

For riders that don't get much activity, an electric bike is excellent to help improve coordination and keep your mind sharp while on your daily rides.

You'll start noticing that your physical ability is enhanced when you start using an e-bike, and your mood and well-being will also be improved by adding e-bike activities to your daily routine.

By spending more time outside and engaging in more fulfilling activities, an e-bike can also help riders de-stress and get more enjoyment out of the day.

For Lifestyle

Even for bicycle enthusiasts that are used to prolonged rides, an electric bicycle enables you to take longer trips than you would have ever thought possible.

Forget about a few quick miles around the town -- an e-bike makes a ride to a neighboring town or to other faraway destinations not only possible, but enjoyable. Make sure to charge your ebike battery to ensure you have enough electric to ride long range.

Instead of taking the car out for that quick trip to the market or to meet a friend, you'll find yourself reaching for your electric bike and getting some sun and fresh air all the way there and back.

Your budget will also thank you, too. Because of the low cost of electricity, you'll spend just a few dollars a month keeping your bike charged, which is way less than it would cost to take public transportation or keep your car topped off with gas.

When your transportation costs are basically negligible, you'll find excuses to ride your bike around town, and the long range will encourage you to stay out on longer trips, which is much more interesting than a quick run to the store.

If you have friends or family that love to ride bikes but the physical exertion has kept you from joining in, an electric bicycle is a great way to participate without all the huffing and puffing.

Or you can start out with manual power and switch over whenever you need a helping hand. Electric bikes can do it all, and they're great for families and groups that want to involve anyone, regardless of fitness level. 

About Rize Bikes

Rize bikes are the perfect option for anyone that wants to get a little more activity into their day without the burden of needing to always pedal. From our folding options that maximize space when not in use and our city, trail and off-road options -- as well as more powerful mid-drive bikes -- a Rize electronic bicycle fits just about any ability level and need.

With all the bells and whistles standard, such as a headlight, blinking taillight, nickel gears, robust fork suspension and puncture-resistant tires, a Rize bike is ready to hit the road or trail as soon as you take delivery.

A thumb throttle, rapid-fire shifter, plush seat, as well as a rear rack, mudguards and an adjustable bottle holder complete the look, and a secure and lockable LCD screen helps keep the bike from turning on when you're not around. A charging time of a few hours is great for a top-up each night or while you're at work, so you'll never run out of juice during your commute. 

Check out our electric bikesand see how you can benefit from riding one of ours!

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